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Enroll Now - 4 Easy Steps

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Step 1: Call

The first step is a call! Please fill out this form and we'll contact you.

You may also contact us:

- TEXT: 602-737-2808

- info@vsihq.org

Step 2: Tour

The second step is to tour your local Vita campus! We can help determine whether you'd like to enroll through ESA or SCAZDL, our partner: www.sequoiachoice.org

Step 3: Form

The most important step! You will need: proof of age and residency, It will take about 15 min. After, if you choose ESA, there is one more step here: azed.gov/esa, which we can assist you with on your tour or over the phone. Please text 602-737-2808 and we will call you!

Step 4: Welcome

Last, Vita will follow up to welcome and onboard your family, including: login, transcript review, course registration, school email, calendar, schedule, laptop, basic exercises to start, assessments, and your graduation map!

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need for enrollment?

You will need your student's birth certificate, immunization records (or exemption form), and proof of residency (such as driver's license, utilities bill, lease, etc.).

Can I skip the steps?

If you are already sold, the only steps you need to complete are Steps 1 and 3. We require a phone call to ensure we have space and ensure we can serve you. The enrollment form is then the main component afterwards. Vita will then onboard you like normal in Step 4.

What's the difference between ESA and Charter?

Our Charter option (with the online charter high school called "Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning School" and its online district "Edkey") offers an accredited high school diploma from Sequoia Choice. However, significant additional coursework is required (offered on their online platform ELMS), including 3 science classes (such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology), 4 math classes, 4 social studies classes (World History, US History, Government, Economics), CPR course, and graduation course.

Our ESA option (empowerment scholarship account) is in partnership with the Arizona Department of Education. It is essentially a scholarship account of about $7,000 or more for any student to use for their education. ESA would fund the student to attend Vita as an independent (private) school, potentially with a classification for homeschooling. This provides educational freedom, as AZ has very loose homeschooling educational requirements, meaning more time for your child to work on their business, passion projects, employment, sports, etc. It means less busy work, while still maintaining high rigor with Vita's graduation requirements and college courses. There is a graduation ceremony for students who choose this option and they will graduate with an independent school diploma. Vita is not currently accredited. However, this seems to matter less and less. "Homeschool" classified students tend to have higher college acceptance rates as well. ASU's resource on homeschooling and college. Khan Academy's resource on homeschoolers applying to college.

What if I am not sure if I want to do ESA or Charter?

We would suggest completing the application, since it's required for both. Then we are happy to chat with you to help you decide!



Do you provide transportation? How does pick-up work?

Vita does not currently have its own vehicle for transportation. We do, however, have a carpool network that has work for many of our families. Please contact us so we can help!

What time does school start and end?

School starts 7:30am and ends 2:15pm. Staff is at school until 3:30pm. If you happen to be late, etc. please contact your school staff and we'll make sure your family is taken care of. Sometimes, we'd have staff wait until 5:30pm. It's obviously not preferred and we don't want this to be the normal, but sometimes stuff happens and we are here for you!

Do you provide lunch?

Yes and we encourage students to bring lunch. Vita has a partnership with St. Mary's Food Bank where we stock our kitchen area with snacks and cookable food. There isn't a set menu. Vita also has microwaves, etc. for students to heat up their food from home. Sometimes students will order food. It feels a lot like home here.

What do students do on Monday?

Mondays are normally online days. Students should have planned out their work for the week during their 1:1 coaching section. They should be doing focus work on 1-2 classes for the Monday school day. Other Mondays are reserved for in-person assessments, events, and field trips. Please see the calendar.

How many students do you have?

Each Vita campus can range between 32-128 students.

What does online and hybrid look like?

For online, let us start by saying we do NOT expect students to be glued to a computer from 8am-5pm in zoom. Students are expected to follow the same weekly schedule to structure their day and do their work. Online students have 3 online check-in periods during the day. First at 7:30am, then 11:00am, and last at 2:30pm. These serve as coaching, accountability, and tutoring sessions. Students report if they completed their assignments. Educators provide support where needed and help plan for the future. Our online/hybrid students have really enjoyed this structure because it balances freedom, structure, and support very well.

For hybrid, it operates just like online. However students come in when they can. We encourage students to attend in-person for the first 2-4 weeks of school. Then afterwards minimally every Thursday, for our Life Skills Workshop. Often, we determine an attendance plan together with families.

What about Sports? Extracurriculars? Clubs? Events?

Vita does not currently offer sports in-house. However, we do connect students and families with community organizations. For example, we connected Arie with a basketball coach who gets high school students into the college basketball world.

Each Vita campus offers different extracurriculars and clubs based on their students and community. In 2022-23, Vita had student government and later in the year, there were enough Vita students that they created boxing club. Additionally, Vita can connect families to community organizations for their unique interests.

Vita has its own set of unique school events. In the past, we have talked about attending other high school football games and prom. That's still on the table! Students have agency in leading events.

Do you have data of students doing well?

During 2022-23, student ACT scores improved by 40%. 100% of students reported that they felt Vita was preparing them for real life and was actually helping them achieve their dreams. Though... our best data is our qualitative data. You just can't beat a good story. Watch them below!

Vita Family Testimonials

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No matter their circumstances, the Vita Schools of Innovation empowers human beings to prepare for life and realize their dreams NOW, using the best practices from around the world.

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